Thursday, August 21, 2008

Charli .

This is Charli,, our friends baby, she is so cute and chubby her name is unusual for a girl but here in Oz they use this name a lot . When my friend was still pregnant with Charli they where searching for baby names that are popular
There are various ways to name your child.. some would use the traditional names and other would name their child after baby name origins or name after a popular person,, How about using a more unique names ? take example Sunday Rose which is Nicole Kidman's baby girl ,,,and how about Violet for baby girl,, which Jennifer Garnier named her baby..  We wanted a meaningful name for our child , a name that will really suit their personality...
When I as pregnant with my children I have to look around and see what's the meaning of the names like my Boy I named him Braiden which means a broad valley.. and my girls name Bianca which is white for Italian...
Whatever we choose for a name for our children,, we should always consider that they have to live with that name ,, you don't want them to hate their names and be teased about it... So be sensible enough for your child's sake.

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