Saturday, August 9, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics

Well well well.. I stayed up all  night yesterday to watch the opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.. and boy it was spectacular!!!! It was impressive to see all the synchronized performers doing their best,,, it was spell binding.... well they are very organized and the show was worth it.. although they spent millions of dollars ; it was after all The Olympics--The Greatest Show on Earth!!! 
One thing I noticed was the pollution--- the Chinese government cannot do much about it!!!
And with almost 200+ countries that participated and marched.. it was already overwhelming for me and my eyes were feeling heavy,, I just waited for the Philippines and of course the Australian contingent to marched in ; but it was already 1:30 am.. can't stay awake any longer,, good thing we've got Foxtel,, so I just taped the last part and watched it this morning...
Well,, good luck to all.. but as what they say here Aussie , Aussie , Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!!
Of course I'll cheer for Pinoys too...!!

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  1. gosh super ganda nga ang opening ceremonies .. kasi kakaantok lao dito puro commercials.. ni hindi ko nga nakita ng Phils. delegates eh natulog ko , nagising ulit ako nakit ako ang Aussies at yung fireworks so amazinnnnnnnnnng! at yung lighting of the flame. d ko napanood lahat kasi nga kaantok.