Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scenic World Blue Mountain Australia

Out on a weekend again.. Last weekend we enjoyed it by going away again,, I always say that we love to take the children out every week ,, and we really do...  We just love to spend the weekend out with the kids ,, they are very good now.. they are used to going out and eating out that's why there is nomore tantrums... They are good kids and we enjoy going away.. last Saturday we decided to go to the Scenic World Blue Mountains, It was freezing cold that day ,, I thought it was snowing in the mountain, well, it didn't but we had a great time because we took a ride on a Scenic Skyway; Float on air in the Skyway!
Nowhere else in the world can you experience this thrill.
The Skyway takes you on a 720 metre journey, 270m above ancient ravines and dazzling waterfalls - be suspended over Jurassic rain forests as you glide smoothly across the sky.
Scenic CableWay The steepest aerial cable car in Australia!
Takes you on a 545 metre ride into - or out of - the World Heritage-listed rain forest of the Jamison Valley.
Scenic Railway Ride the steepest incline Railway in the world.
The 415m descent will take you through a cliff side tunnel into ancient rain forest.
The kids love it,, they were not afraid and they think that the rides were "cool"..

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rain Boots

These are our Rain Boots or GumBoots..
I bought a new rain boots for Bianca from Pumpkin Patch and bought myself a boots from target.. They are so cute... I love the colors of my boots because it is so vibrant just like me!! and for Bianca it is so adorable . Bianca loves to wear it, she wore it when we went to the circus see pics here; and when we went away this weekend.. I haven't worn mine yet , but cant wait to use it!!!

Getting conscious

We're not getting any younger and the more we age some obvious changes appear. In the case of my hubby ; he hair is getting thinner and scarce; I sometimes tease him but I know it makes him feel conscious about it,, well, what he can he expect ? it runs in his family , all the male in his family are suffering from alopecia (hair loss) and I know he feels sad to see his Red hair getting thinner; I know there are ways to deal with it like to have a  medical hair restoration surgery  or wear a toupee (no way!!!I cant allow him that) or just let it be!! He opted for the last choice, and he is willing to shave them all off , well, during summer time he shaves them all off , and he looks good,, it suits him,, makes him look tough!!! all he need is a Harley Davidson bike; a mustache and tattoo... ha ha ha,,, I told him I love him no matter what and he us the most adorable man for me!!! 

Saturday, August 23, 2008

To be beautiful...

How far will you go for; to be beautiful???
This is such a sensitive topic about having to go under a knife just to improve an apperance.. There no such thing as perfect face,, and in every race and every culture there is such a diversity. I came from a Filipino heritage and I'm proud of it, dark hair, brown skin, short stature, and small nose. I may not be 100 % happy with the way I look but I can cope with it, I just do some things to hide some imperfections or focus on my strong traits so it will stand out more and be noticed instead of the imperfcetions.. Its just the a matter of the mind,, the perception, I love to watch shows about total makeover some had breast enlargement, chin implants, liposuction or a rhinoplasty in San Diego California and the results were amazing !  It was a really life changing experience for them .. 
But for me;I just don't want to make such a drastic changes on my appearance; actually I am not against aesthetic surgery, I just don't feel like a need one. To those who are contemplating on having one done if that's what they want to do, and if it's makes them happy I wish them well....

Circus Time Again!

Yes,, we braved the chilling night and took the kids to the circus yesterday night! 
The first time we went to the circus 3 weeks ago see the pics here.  Our kids had a great time.. They just love watching the circus and we all had a great time,, that is why my hubby promised that whenever there is a circus he will take us,, so when he found out that that the Lennon Bros. circus is in town we have to bring the kids.. On this circus they have lions , geese and monkeys, llamas and dogs performing aside from the clowns and acrobats..and true enough it was entertaining,, they also have a trapeze act that why it is more exciting..
So after preschool I picked the kids up , they had a warm shower, hopped in the car went through A Mcdonald's drive through and went straight to the circus which started at 7 Pm. I already put the kids into their pajamas with their night gowns on top of it, to keep them warm they are wore beanies and scarves,, it was a freezing Friday night!!! got home at 10 pm and kids went straight to bed with smile on their faces...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Entertainment News

I love to read about what’s the latest entertainment news. Some of my favourites celebrities are Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Matt Damon and I always wanted to know what’s the latest with them.. Aside from the actors I also love to know the latest gossip and news about my favorite singers which are Robbie Williams, Michael Buble and Gwen Stefani; and speaking of gwen Stefani she just had a baby boy last Thursday and named him Zuma Nesta Rock.. What a name!!
I often have a habit on having a quick look at some magazines whenever I go grocery shopping,, while waiting on line and instead of getting bored I would quickly flick through some magazines and have a quick glance of some latest gossips and news and if there is something there that I am interested with then it will end up in my shopping trolley. I also update myself whenever I go online; check my mails, pay bills online, blogging and then checking entertainment news. Well, that’s why I love the internet; it gives me so much information about everything.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Charli .

This is Charli,, our friends baby, she is so cute and chubby her name is unusual for a girl but here in Oz they use this name a lot . When my friend was still pregnant with Charli they where searching for baby names that are popular
There are various ways to name your child.. some would use the traditional names and other would name their child after baby name origins or name after a popular person,, How about using a more unique names ? take example Sunday Rose which is Nicole Kidman's baby girl ,,,and how about Violet for baby girl,, which Jennifer Garnier named her baby..  We wanted a meaningful name for our child , a name that will really suit their personality...
When I as pregnant with my children I have to look around and see what's the meaning of the names like my Boy I named him Braiden which means a broad valley.. and my girls name Bianca which is white for Italian...
Whatever we choose for a name for our children,, we should always consider that they have to live with that name ,, you don't want them to hate their names and be teased about it... So be sensible enough for your child's sake.

My New Camera

Yes... I purchased a new cam for me... It is Canon DSLR 450D Twin Lens Kit Black IS includes the EOS 450D Body, the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens and the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS. I also bought a 50mm f/1.8 II

12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor
Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System
3.5 frames per second
3.0” LCD with Live View shooting
9-point wide-area AF system with f/2.8 cross-type centre point
Picture Style image processing parameters
DIGIC III image processor
Digital Photo Professional RAW processing software1
Compact and Lightweight body
Fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses and EX-series Speedlites

I am so happy with it .. although I have to call my sis JenL from the Philippines to ask her advice about a specific lens; and she gave me a valuable advice..
Now I have to read more and research so I can take lots of good photos...

I still have our Canon 300 which we bought 5 years ago before Braiden was born,,, after that digital camera was "in" then we bought a 4.1 Sony Cybershot..then new technology again ,, so we bought a 8 megapixel Olympus, but when my sis Jen came over with her 400D cam, we fell inlove with Canon again,, so this is our new baby.. Canon 450D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dress Up Week

My kids are celebrating Dress Up Week in preschool this week.. so they can dress up as a character. The night before Braiden was so excited because he wanted to wear his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle suit.. He went to bed early with a smile on his face knowing he can show off his Leonardo character,, true enough he woke up early and had a shower and quickly grabbed his TMNT ; while Bianca was  just relaxed,, admiring her Sow white dress.. After breakfast the kids can't wait to go out and go in the car,, but I have to stopped them for a quick pose for the camera;; and here they are,, all Gorgeous and sweet..... my beautiful kids all dressed up...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ice Skating is FUN!!!

We have a new family activity.. ICE SKATING!!!!!
Last weekend we took the kids to Liverpool to try Ice skating.. I never tried Ice skating in my life.. Joe tried once before but Micah she knows how to Ice skate..
Its was 1st foe Braiden and Bianca too,, So I took Bianca with me and Joe took Braiden.. It was nerve wrecking but I managed to hold on to my composure.. I just kept on holding on to the rail while the other hand on Bianca.. So we just went around and around.. But sooner than later ,, I saw Braiden skating without any help... That was Pretty amazing,, Well,, we knew all along that he can do it because I always say that he is a very well coordinated boy...  He loves to play Golf so we consider him as a good Golfer ; he learned how to swim by himself too a Good Skier... so I am not surprised that he picked it up quickly..
So when Bianca say Braiden skating by himself ,, Bianca decided to let go off my hand.. and there she was gliding by herself.. So it was my turn,, and strangely enough I was loving it!!!! It was so much FUN!!! FUN And FUN!!!! Wheee.. the family that skate together stay together..
It was a 2 hour session and before the session was finished we are all gliding.. The kids would fall ,, but they were quick to get up..
So this is our new favorite family activity ,,, Ice Skating.......

I'm a Kick Blogger!

Yes   ...I'm a kick blogger!

thanks Faye for passing this one to me!
Kick Ass Blogger Award

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Passing this to JenL, Maan,  Jigi and Yums

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Run ....Baby.. Run...

With child obesity on the rise, it is crucial that we encourage our children to be active!!
Long time ago ,, there is no problem with childhood obesity, I remember when I was young we used to run around the rice field ,, playing chase or just running  around.. We have games that kept us "Chinese garter", Tumbang Preso, Luksong tinik and others.. Hayy those were the days my friend....... Sadly that kids are pre occupied with so much sedentary activities,, like playing video games or just watching TV.. My kids watches TV all the time and when I see that they've been staying inside the house for a long period of time I encourage them to go outside ,, even if it winter time here at the moment.. I take them at the backyard; play with them, ride the bike, jump on the trampoline and Run Around.. It is good for the them because it  releases their energy..

So it is our duty as a parent to give them a healthy lifestyle...We always make it a point to go out every weekend , take them to park, play Bowling , things that keep them up and about..
It is important to get in there with children in their formative years and make progressive changes.. The earlier they get active , their social and cognitive aspects are going to be well developed.
 Being physically active supports children socially, as they build themselves they will have a positive relational experiences, they will learn to negotiate rules, and as they learn to cope with winning, losing , sharing and co operating  through play, they develop their problem solving skills...
Exercise is a good stress reliever, if the child is having difficulty sleeping, concentrating , it can help them ease the pressure.. that is why when my kids had a big day ,, they get worn out and go to bed easily... easy for us..
Here are some Activities to try 
0-2 years
Fill empty drink bottles with sand, water, bells, rice or other noisy or bright objects. Giving them to your child to play with helps them to understand their bodies and how they move and enhances their understanding of cause and effect.

 Encourage your child to blow bubbles through a wand and chase them as they fall.

2-3 Years
IN and OUT  
Boxes and Tunnels are a fun way to provide children with new gross motor experiences, by moving under through different shaped objects.. have you noticed that when you have big boxes the kids are fascinated with them and they just want o climb inside  and go through it... Priceless they say...
To develop fine motor skills , you can teach your toddler to zip the zipper by turning it into a game.

Sit in a circle and choose three different exercises, such as running on the spot,jumping  or touching toes.. Roll a ball to the  child and ask her/him to do the excerise.

Play a bear hunt game. Do some movements, encourage the child to do their own actions, such as marching their feet and patting their knees at the same time.. or do some animal walk.. like ducks, elephant. tiger, dog or anything ,, 

USE your imagination,, be creative and enjoy it ,, because when they grow up and become teenager they wont like to play with you anymore...
As I always say engage to your child's world and soon you will start giggling... 
They grow up fast and love every bit of it!!!!

How about you what are your favorite activities that you do with your child / children? Feel free to share it...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

TLB Hardwood

My husband Joe has been a cabinet maker for the past 20 years , in that time he made TV cabinet entertainment and kitchens cabinets, he loves to work with natural timbers.. In his factory there are sorts of timber around and of course there are some timber that are hard to work on and some that are so easy .
He always researching and looking around for different materials and products He came across this website TLB Hardwood.. They specialize in Lumber Hardwood White Birch and Aspen. The website is easy to navigate on and gives you a lot of options on choosing the right timber; as far as website goes he thought that this was a pretty useful site to be on. Information on the white birch and aspen are right there at your fingertips and you can compare these species of timber much more easily over the web than with just brochures.
They offer a custom made products to suit the needs of Kitchen cabinet manufacturers, Furniture manufacturers, Edge glue panel manufacturer, Flooring manufactures.
That is why my hubby is so interested with the site,, he was looking at all the wood specifications and technical data sheet of the lumber hardwood white birch,, and since my hubby works in a kitchen manufacturing industry he was to be reassure that white birch is excellent wood for kitchen cabinet….
The White Birch which is a species that is produce in Eastern Canada and very durable. One of the advantages of white birch are : -white color -fleck free -no mineral streaks However, it is a small tree in diameter and shorter that other common hardwoods.

2008 Beijing Olympics

Well well well.. I stayed up all  night yesterday to watch the opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.. and boy it was spectacular!!!! It was impressive to see all the synchronized performers doing their best,,, it was spell binding.... well they are very organized and the show was worth it.. although they spent millions of dollars ; it was after all The Olympics--The Greatest Show on Earth!!! 
One thing I noticed was the pollution--- the Chinese government cannot do much about it!!!
And with almost 200+ countries that participated and marched.. it was already overwhelming for me and my eyes were feeling heavy,, I just waited for the Philippines and of course the Australian contingent to marched in ; but it was already 1:30 am.. can't stay awake any longer,, good thing we've got Foxtel,, so I just taped the last part and watched it this morning...
Well,, good luck to all.. but as what they say here Aussie , Aussie , Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!!
Of course I'll cheer for Pinoys too...!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Empire Carpet Today

Our house is almost 10 years now.. So what we're doing at the moment are maintenance and general improvement.. Our first priority is to change our carpet.. Our carpet is already worn out and with all sorts of stains; that is hard to get rid off.. That is why we are saving so that we can change our carpet . My husband and I are also researching and looking around for an affordable and best quality carpet..
The other night we are on a carpet site America's Most Popular  Flooring Company ; they offer a wide range of quality home products and  I like the idea that they are can visit your place, Its called  Empire shop at home service . -A representative will come and visit you - No hassles because it’s one –on- one attention, no need to leave your home,, it's in the comfort of your home so its very time consuming.. When  their representative visit  your place they  will show you samples to match your decor and which style works best; give you their professional advise He/She will discuss the  no-payment, no-interest credit options . When you decide to use their service , they place the order and schedule the installation process. It can even happen  on the next day....
Aside from that it a free home estimate just make an appointment for a free, no obligation quote..
On the day of the installation process, the professional installer will do their best and after the process an inspector will review the job to make sure you are satisfied with the process, and they will also contact you to ake sure everything is Ok.. so from start to finish they are going to look aftet you... There is a blog that attest to the services that this company had given them through The Empire Carpet Blog.
That is really good since they highly value their customer.. No wonder they won some prestigious awards such as :
2008 American Business Award Finalist - Best Overall Company
2008 American Business Award WINNER - Best Customer Service Organization
2006 Torch Award Winner for Marketplace Ethics: Chicago and Northern Illinois BBB
2007 Angie's List Super Service Award - Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit and Orlando
2007 American Business Award Finalist

The company offers a wide range of products aside from carpet; they also have 
Hardwoord Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Ceramic Flooring, Window Treatments  and Bath & Shower Liners…

It is a well established company that is serving  for over 45 years,, So they really know what they are  talking about and customers are satisfied with the service… 
I ‘ve also seen their ads , and it was really catchy the tunes and the commercial are  easy to recognize and the telephone number is easy to remember .. so I posted one of them... Have a look..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Curious Joy wants to see....

This is my new Meme... and I am Curious JoyD
The original tag is on my Aussietalks site so please visit it... and do your link there...

This is so cute and I want you to pass this to your friends...

Rules :
1. Be Spontaneous and have fun!!!
2. Grab your camera and get your hand bag / bag and take out all the stuff
inside. Take a picture of all your stuff.. Everything...
Even the used tissue paper or candy wrapper.. or we might see something amazing in your bag.!!
3. List all the things ..
4. Make sure to link back to Aussietalks and leave your URL
5. Pass this to your friends and tell them to link back..

These are the stuff that was in my bag.... My bag is a Kathy Van Zeeland bag
Eclipse Mints, Mentos, Kitkat Mints, and Worms Jelly ( I always have mints because Braiden loves them)
The Wiggles CD ( The kids love to listen to Wiggles while in the car)
My Make up Kit ( Essential stuff of course)
My wallet ( Louis Vuitton kuno.....)
My Nokia Mobile
Pocket calculator ( So while shopping I can calculate if I'm over the budget ,, ha ha ha)
Antibacterial hand Gel
Avon hand Cream
Bianca's wiggles necklace and bracelet
My Car keys
My Ipod Nano ( always in my bag,, handy if I'm waiting at the doctor's office)
My hubbys calling card
Receipt from grocery
My DG sunglasses

have a Good Day!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I love shopping!!

Yes I love shopping for everything!!!! especially when its on sale!!!

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6. Enjoy Shopping !!!
Passing this tag to Cathy, Weng, Saves

Monday, August 4, 2008

Professional hair straightener

No more bad hair days for us ladies!!!! Don't need to fret because there is an ingenious product that can make your hair really sleek and shine,, as if ; you just got out of a beauty salon.. 
I remember the old days that we used to have a frizzy hair.. I have an old classmate who'se got a really frizzy hair and believe it or not; she used to iron her hair!!!!! that was really crazy!!! Imagine the damages it had caused her hair.... silly silly girl...
Now the best hair straightener  is on the market to make every woman's nightmare a dream.... 
The other day I tried my daughter's hair straightener ,, although I've got a straight hair ,, it still made a BIG difference!! It was easy to use and it did a great job,,, my hair feels light , silky and smooth.. and it lasted for days... There are lots of Professional hair straightener on the market but  it is important to get the best one..
Just like  Tourmaline hair straightener which is made of Titanium plates.
It is  an amazing breakthrough in technology;  This straightening iron takes the amazing benefits of ceramic heat, ionic technology and combines them with Titanium.
They've got a limited time offer of $ 265 down to $99 only!!! that is a bargain...
There is a big difference from any ordinary straightener because  ceramic irons rely on heat alone which risks damage to the hair. Karmin relies on ionic and infrared juices, which provides a better, healthier method.  Without the Risk of Damage! Karmin High Performance Irons give shinier, silkier, smoother and healthier hair than other ceramic irons.
So ladies don't just opt for any ordinary cheap straightener invest on a good quality Professional Hair Straightener.. You won't regret it...
Actually aside from making your hair staight ou can also curl your hair using this hair straighetener.. just like curling a ribbon with a scissor,,, It is so cute to have some soft curls,, I've tried it too and I just change my look dramatically...

See the big difference???

Sale sale

It's the end of the season sale here in Oz... The last month of Winter!!! and sale is everywhere..
Especially the winter gears and clothes...!! I love to get a good bargain and that is why I am always on the look out for some good deals...
Since most of the winter clothes are almost 60-70% off at the moment.. So  I buy clothes which my kids can wear for next year.. so I buy a size bigger for them and keep them in a vacuum seal bags and put them away first... I buy most of the expensive branded names that I would not buy in a normal price.... !!  Well.. my kids are still small and they are not fussy with what they wear at the moment... I usually get the jeans and long sleeves which will not be out of fashion... the classic style... 
But, I only buy for Bianca and braiden,, not for Micah,,  because she is already 14 she is way too choosy with her clothes... I dont want to get her clothes because she always want to follow the latest trend.. It will just be a waste.. So its just for the small kids..
 I usually save heaps by doing that.....