Thursday, July 24, 2008

Toy SALE..

Went to Target shops today,, It's the 1st day of their TOY SALE...  I've got some few stuff to get for the kids,, so after dropping the kids off to preschool and went straight to the shops..
It was around 10:30 when I arrived there; I just said under my breath, Oh my........ the place was packed with toy maniac moms......... The store is packed with toys,, literally ,, on top of each other..  As I push myself inside.. I started to have a headache straight away... so I just picked up toys that fancy my eyes... when I got all the stuff that I like I went in a corner and examined the toys,, I was asking myself; do I really need to purchase some of the toys because some of them will just be a clutter at home... so I put down some toys that my kids would be bored of straight away.. 
With all the hype that was happening inside the store,, moms haggling and pushing to get toys,, the feeling is contagious!!! 
well,, I went pass a long queue of people going to the lay-by section.. hummmm,, I cant stay that long. It's so pathetic... But there I was on a queue just to get the Playstation2 games and Nintendo DS games.. Sucked In...... and guess what?  it took me 1 1/2 freaking hours !!! I was just about to have a tantrums and throw the empty case around,, but hey; I wasn't the only one complaining, so I have to stand there and just exchange a pleasant conversation with a lady in front of me...
 Good thing I'm not rushing back home because I can pick the kids from preschool late ... when I'm done; went to get a late lunch and headed back home and started dumping the stuff in my garage... and LOCKED it!!!!! just in case my kids decided to enter the forbidden garage and discover toys that are intended for Christmas... 


  1. wow nag sale na pala ano .. imagine ko lang yun ghaba ng pila at yung tao for sure ang dami grabe. I guess ate emrs and vicky will be there too..lock the garage nga kasi Braiden can open that na

  2. wow! ang sarap bumili ng toys, kasi you feel like a kid again. but then again, ang mahal na ng mga toys!!! hahahah!

    love the title of your blog ;-)

  3. i like your blog's layout, it's so cool to the eyes. :)

    thanks for the tips our snowy trip. we had a good time kahit bitin. :)