Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Toy Sale Madness

Hayyy.. TOYS TOYS and lots of TOYS....
I admit that I am a Toy sale aficionado..  Can't help it....!!
My kids are so spoilt that it seems that every week it Christmas for them..  Well. I'm trying to figure it out why,, maybe in subliminal mind I am trying to compensate for the things that I've never had before.. When I was young we only play with clay pots and pans "palayok" and paper dolls.. My sister JenL and I used to gather leaves and do some cooking.. We used to play with matchbox  and turn them into sofa or beds for our homemade paper dolls and those were our entertainment. I've only got one Doll that I've got for Christmas. here I am now enjoying looking at the toys. I'm guilty of buying toys too much... But who can blame me,, it's the way they promote toys here in Oz..  Toy sale galore.... half price...!!

2 major outlet had their toy sale already this past 2 weeks and next week it will be TARGET Biggest Toy sale ever!!! as they promoted they have more than 300 new toys, over 150 1/2 price toy offers.  over $150M worth of toys, 300 exclusive offers.. So for sure there will be a long line of people waiting for the store to open.

They offer a layby till Christmas ,, so you can get the items and just pay for it till Christmas while they keep them in a storage first.. So that's how they get people to buy loads of toys,,it a marketing tactic; some people would have 3-6 trolleys of toys!!! well,, I'm not that bad anyway.. 

 I also buy toys for my niece and nephew in the Philippines, and send it to them before Christmas...I usually send all the toys that my kids have outgrown to the Philippines, they are still in good condition and they can still get a lot of fun playing with it just like my kids ...

For sure I'm not the only mom around here who likes to buy toys for their kids.. 
Hey..But don't get  me wrong,, I don't just splurge ,, I wait for a Toy sale so I can get a good bargain...  Don't we all love a good bargain???
Please feel free to share your thoughts about it...


  1. wow really??? naku dali hakutin mo lahat !!! and alam ko pipila na naman kayo nina Ate Erms just to get those sale toys.. Grabe spoiled na spoiled na yang mga batuta mo sa dami ng laruan pero in fairness, nag lulupa na rin toys dito na mga padala mo.

    gooooo how'd i wish andyan ako para sumama sa pag hakot hehee

  2. pramis, i had a big smile on my face when i saw target and bigW's toy sales this month! :)

  3. Oh wow. Yeah we bought some too but Andrea is not interested. Okay lang sa first day pero after nun, dinadaanan na lang nya. Halos puno na rin rooms namin sa toys pero alam mo ba sis ano gusto nya? Papel, ballpen, mga crapy things. Lols.hehhehe..