Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taking off the training wheels

Braiden is growing fast and doing things that amazes Joe and I.. Last time when we went to the snow , he learned to ski straight away.. 
We always say that he has a good coordination and balance, that is why we are thinking of taking off his training wheels on his bicycle this coming Summer time,, Since its still winter here in Australia, we don't go out to the park often to ride his bike, but definitely we are going to teach him ride his bike by himself.. We also need to get him a new one,, he's got a 14' bike and since his legs are growing longer he needs to have a bigger one..
We are tossing between a Raleigh bicycle or the Apollo bicycle, we need to find a bike with a good suspension and ; easy to handle and lightweight. we've got 2 Shimano mountain bicycles at home that Joe and I are using and we find it comfortable and easy. so now we can tag along the kids with us riding around the park here in our place,, Can't wait for Summer time..

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