Friday, July 4, 2008

Smile Bianca!!

As per request by my sister JenL  here is Bianca's Pictures..
My little  girl Bianca wasnt happy during that time...
It was too cold for her.. she cannot even smile for the camera..

We took her to the MILO club to learn ski, but she wasn't too keen of doing it.. But she can balance on the ski and go downwards for a bit..
O well, we will try again next year...


  1. Ohhhh poor Bianca, she doesn't like the snow either. I am sure iiyak iyak yan bec. she is cold. talagang KJ na bata kahit noon nasa hamilton Islands tayo hehehe. Miss her dealy and uy nagamit na nya yung feathery scrap nya ah.. kisses to the kids muahhhh

  2. your kid is really cute..baka, pang-Pinas ang gusto niya weather niya:) i got a tag for you in my blog:)

  3. Aaw... Poor little Bianca... Maybe she's too little pa for it 'no. Tama, next year uli. :)

    Thanks for dropping by and the kind comments!

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