Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's more than year now that Joe and I decided to set up a Saltwater Aquarium. After traveling from Hamilton Island we just feel in love with the various saltwater fish and marine life.

We have live rocks, anemones, corals, starfish and different types of fish , but our pet is the Zebra Eel, named Marty. Heis about 1 meter long now and he is just a passive , docile eel that comes out of the rocks during night time.

Setting up a saltwater aquarium is not an easy job. It entails a lot of patience and it has to be looked after really well. It is also costly and needs a constant maintenance.
We make sure that the water is the right temperature so we always have to check the thermometer, heater and the light. We are always cautious on checking the filter and if the protein skimmer are in good working condition. These keep the tank clean. Monitoring the Ph level is done by using the Test kit.
It is a hard work but we are happy to see our fish thriving and healthy. Its just a good feeling when we see our fish happily swimming around; it makes us feel relax..

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