Monday, July 7, 2008

My Tip for a long car travel

My children love to watch movies.. Every week if there is a sale on DVD I make it point to buy them movies that they like.. especially when I;m busy doing something Braiden can operate the DVD player and he is occupied with the movie..
That is why when my hubby bought his new car he also bought a ceiling mount DVD player,,and have it installed; we've got 3 wireless headphone one for each child.. Its so good because whenever we go on a long travels , we often turn it on for them. You won't hear them say "Are we there yet?" because they are busy watching. It's tried and tested because last December we went on a 12 hour car trip to Queensland  and that made our trip stress free for all of us..
We also have a portable DVD player and that is what the kids use when they travel in my car.. Aside from having that in your car you can also take it with you whenever you go out for dinner or lunch . While waiting for the service and food , kids can enjoy it. You can eat your meal in peace and enjoy chatting with your friends without being interrupted with bored kids.. Its better to have it , than see your kids roam around the restaurant  just annoying everyone..
It works for us and very convenient to take along, we even take ours even when we travel by plane.
Such a good invention!!!!
So the best tip is invest on a  good car DVD Player 

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