Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kids luggage

We've got a visitor fr 2 weeks.
It's my husband's 9 year old niece from Townsville is  staying here with her dad for 2 weeks, because its school holidays here in Australia. I always take Swana for shopping and buy her clothes and personal stuff since we only see her once a year , we make it a point to  spoil her a little bit. But the problem is when she came here she only bought a small bag with her and she needs a luggage to put all her newly bought clothes and shoes. That is why this morning we were looking for a kids luggage at the shops. But we did not see one that she likes. She said she wants a disney luggage, so we are going to a big mall tomorrow to look for it. I wanted to make sure to get her a luggage that will be durable enough so that she will have a good use of it. Its important to be secured and spacious . We were looking at this style its Bambi dot , not too babyish but stylish for a 9 year old girl...

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