Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's all Fun and Games

Parents today are inundated with all the hype of marketing to persuade them to purchase educational gizmo and gadgets , from electronic cards to latest computer games. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it???
PLAY is a very serious business for my kids, its one of the best way to learn about their world, about themselves and people around them. Playing is not just a past time but is is vital for the child's learning and development.
These are the types of play
QUIET PLAY Pictures books, bead stringing, peg boards, puzzles, doll play and drawing
CREATIVE PLAY Painting, drawing, problem solving, music , dancing, sand collage and use of imagination
ACTIVE PLAY Ball, slides, swings, push and pull toys, sand and water play, trikes and bikes, running, climbing trees , dress up clothes , cars and trucks.
COOPERATIVE PLAY Ball games, tag, see saw, playing dolls or house, block building, hide and seek
DRAMATIC PLAY trying out different kinds of life roles, occupations and activities
MANIPULATIVE PLAY Puzzles, crayon's, painting, using safety scissors and tools, stringing beads , block building, dolls and trucks

The most important is for parents to look for games that provide constructive learning, encourage group activity and solve problems and make decisions...

Also ,, give them a special attention... PLAY with your KIDS!!! enjoy them engage to their own world and soon you will be giggling like a child too... ENJOY YOUR KIDS!!!!

Thanks Sis JenL for the pics


  1. you're right joy we must give our kids enough attention and quality time di ba? thanks for the visit, i can see that you've got plenty of opps and I'm very happy for you! joy i-visit mo daw si redge!