Saturday, July 5, 2008

I wanted a new Digital Camera

Our family loves to travel..
Traveling is good for us because it helps the kids gain more knowledge and experiences from the places that we've been through. If I like the place I always keep my camera handy with me so I can take a picture of it, I wanted to remember and preserve the memories of it.

When my sister came over here for a holiday , she just brought her new SLR Digital Camera with her.. It takes good photos and quite impressive with the quality. My hubby was able to use it too and I think he was convinced that we need to upgrade our digital camera.. We wanted a best digital camera that is durable for our family use. So we are looking for the best option for our needs ,we have to consider our lifestyle and there are things to consider ; If we are going for a  Big SLR  digital cam or just a compact one.
We are looking for a best compact digital camera that will be easy for us; we are also looking for best travel digital camera that we can just put in our bag and just carry on while we travel. Or go for a best wide angle digital camera that takes good photos and portrait. Since I love taking pictures of my kids.. Too many choices... I still have to look around and get peoples opinion about it....

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