Thursday, July 31, 2008


6 weeks ago before school holiday, my daughter lost her mobile phone.. I was really cranky at her because she wasn't looking after her stuff..  So we thought that it was stolen or be forever gone..
But we had a call from a mom who said that her daughter found Micah's mobile in a bus stop; (Micah takes a bus going to school ); so she charged it and went thru her contacts and found my hubby's number. We are very pleased to know that there are still people who are honest.. So we took down her address and the other day I went to her place,it was just around the corner where we live. The hubby was home and contacted the wife who was at work at that time and she said she will just drop the phone in my place.. It was so kind of her to do that.. So I just bought a simple stuff for the girl who found Micah's phone..  Nice to know that there are still people who are honest and kind...  Are there any incident happened to you that you are wanted to share??? I've got one more story about a kind man who helped my Hubby ..check it out on my other blog The Way of Life in Oz .  We are very fortunate to encounter these kind of people....


  1. i was calling her on her mobila pa naman on her bday eh patay ang phone yun pala it was on a box na ibibigay mo kay Micah.. naku burara parin si bruha ano... Oh wow buti pa dyan may magsosoli dito wala na yan dedo na yan... hehe ganda iblog to ah..lagay ko 1 time sa blog ko

  2. This and the other story you shared warmed my heart. Thank you, Lord, there are still people out there who are honest with a good heart.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. i think i'd feel the same way if it happens to my daughter. good thing the phone fell into good hands.