Friday, July 11, 2008

Home Improvement

Home renovation is what I am planning to do for the next 6 months,, just want to freshen up the look of my home. So I am looking at some magazines and searching on Internet for a classy style. One thing on my list is to update my Pillar.. I've got a pillar before entering my living room . 2 years ago I sponge paint it with green, but my hubby wasn't keen about it. he doesn't like the look its just sticking out there.. but we left it there for a while,, but he still kept on saying that we need to find someone that can do it professionally ; he likes to have it painted like a Carrara marble look. Humm,  we really need a professional to do it,, so I was looking at the site of Atlanta Faux Furnishing and checking out their gallery and their services, they've got talented people to help you bring your vision to reality. And I envision a beautiful pillar  for my  home.... So check it out and see how they turn ordinary room/wall to classy..
Just look at this room... haaay it is to die for.. very nice...

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