Thursday, July 10, 2008

Find a bargain

I love good deals.. Especially during this hard times; you need to be practical and logical with your purchases...
I like to get a good bargain and  it makes me feel better that I am saving more money.  
I must admit that I use a coupon to get a good bargain. I found this site Find Savings  and you can download coupon from top stores around your area. I was checking  the Target coupons, I like shopping at Target; I usually visit the store every week to find good bargains and see the latest style. I'm also browsing on Kmart this is where I usually buy toys from.. So since I'm a regular shopper from these shops , I think its worth looking at coupons and get more savings from it...
There are  more than 700 merchants listed on the site that you can check out,, from apparels to video games.. and its easy to redeem the coupon. 

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  1. Hello girl... :) looking young and happy and contented hah! Hurrah! Btw, inayos ko ang blogroll ko, nilink na kita....choyee for the delays. :)