Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The circus came to town!!

Yes.. the Circus came to Town!!!! and we did not miss it!!!
So when Joe heard about the circus he rushed and bought a family ticket. 
Actually it was our first time to watch a circus as a family and we were not disappointed..
It was really entertaining,, although there where no lions and elephants ; just ponies and puppies; because some animal rights activist are against using wild animals in a circus.. But it was till good.. 
Braiden was giggling so much ,, because of the clown!!! he was having a belly laugh!!  It was another fun weekend for us and for sure ; when another circus come to town.. we'll surely gonna be there!!!
I wasn't able to take a photo inside because; taking pics of the performance is not allowed..

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  1. wow another gala ah kahit winter.. i'm sure the kids had lots of fun.. buti d natakot sa mga puppies and ponies..