Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christmas in July

Merry Christmas in July!!!!
Yes here in Australia we have a Christmas in July....!!
My children from preschool celebrated the event by having a christmas concert last week, singing Christmas carol and complete with christmas decor.
even when you go the shops you can see christmas decor announcing the event.
Hummmm.. but I never put decor at home during this time...
Can't blame them ,, when we were at the snow last week , it's a good feeling experiencing a snow falling on our faces,, I said it just like a Winter wonderland ..... Merry Christmas ho ho ho.. while my kids singing Jingle bells ....

According to Wikipedia
Midwinter 'Christmas' or Yulefest is an unofficial Midwinter/Yuletide related celebration followed by mainly English/European families in Australia and New Zealand during the wintertime (which on the Southern Hemisphere falls into the June-July-August period). There is no official holiday and the date of observance varies from place to place and even family to family, though it is often around the time of the shortest day or winter solstice, which, in the southern hemisphere, is on the 21 June.
The Christmas in July celebration probably started in Australia in July, 1980 when a group of Irish tourists convinced the proprietor of a hotel in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales to hold a party called "Yulefest". In Australia, Christmas in July is especially common as a marketing gimmick in the snowfields where the month of July coincides with the high season in the Australian skiing resorts, but Christmas in July as a marketing gimmick can also be found elsewhere in Australia.

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  1. wooo hooo! habol pa kami ng White Christmas in July sa Snowy.