Sunday, July 13, 2008

Car Seats

I am aware of how important it is to use  car seats for my children. Since birth I started using an Infant car seat carrier for my kids and now they are using car seats according to their age and weight. 

Traveling with children, especially young children, puts special demands on the adults responsible for their well being. Here are some tips that can make the trip pleasant for all concerned.

1. Restraints are important
    Always use restraints when you drive with children. Children can be particularly
    vulnerable in a car, even when they are sitting in the back seat. When driving with
    children, ensure that they are always correctly restrained, even when you drive slowly

2.  Drive carefully

3.  Take just a short trip.
4.  You must wear a seat belt even when you are pregnant.

5.  Children require the appropriate restraint for their size:
     infant restraints (for babies)
6.  Child seats (for very young children)

7.  Booster seats and harnesses (for young children)

8.  seat belts (for older children).

9.  Always take the time to get your child comfortably and correctly strapped in.

Each child restraint must be correctly installed.
Each child restraint must suit your child’s weight and size. Children grow at
different rates, so your child’s weight and size are much more important than
your child’s age.

Avoid early promotion: do not move your child from one type of restraint to
the next before they have reached the top of the weight or height range of the
restraint. Children should continue to use a suitable child restraint for as long
as they fit.

Where possible, always place children in the back seat of your car. The
back seat is much safer than the front seat.
Never use an infant restraint in the front-passenger seat if your car has
a front-passenger airbag.

Do not use a restraint if it is more than 10 years old, is damaged or
has been in a crash, even if it does not appear to be damaged.
Child restraints should never be used in vehicle seats that face
rearward or sideways.

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