Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Balloons

End of Financial Year Sale...!!!
They're  everywhere . From the big companies to the small industry..
Well,, I guess its good for the buyer because we can save heaps from their Stocktake Sale.. Since everyone is having a huge sale ,, there are heaps of promotion going on.. 
When we are driving to the city,, my kids eyes just lit up with excitement when they saw a huge Helium Balloons. One is a shape of a skinny Dancing Big Balloons.. 
And they were excitedly pointing to the balloons.. "Look Mom!!! Dancing balloon,, they said.. It was really eye catching and a big plus for the store.. 
No wonder because it's such a good promotion ,, well not only that after a few mile we saw some more Advertising Balloons... and the kids got excited again.....

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