Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Looking for good family deals

Last  April 2008 , when my sister JenL was here we treated her on a nice weekend away to Sydney CBD , we stayed in a hotel.
My hubby and I had to browse through the internet to find some good special from Hotels Sydney .. we found a good deals and we were quite happy with it.. It was nice to stay in the city and be able to walk around and do sight seeing without rushing back home...

We  were able to enjoy Sydney at night... Walking around the city ; the night was lovely, alive and bustling with beautiful people...

As I mentioned previously from my blog about our dream of doing a  European trip ,, we are also looking around some cheap hotels that will cater to our family's needs.  We are also  looking at  Hotels Paris .. ahhh  most romantic place .

Aside from Paris ,, we would also want to see the Big Ben  in London , well I hope we can find some cheap hotels in UK . it would be lovely to experience it too...
So browsing around and finding good family deals is a priority for us,, We want to see those beautiful places and have a lasting memories .

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