Monday, June 16, 2008

Planning our Trip

As I mentioned before, we are planning to go on holidays on December 2009 to the Philippines and Hongkong. That is why we are already searching for the international flights.
It's been 8 years now, and I haven't been back to the Philippines.. so this time we are all going and my hubby and I are very excited to go back to the Philippines. My eldest daughter Micah spent last Christmas there and she traveled with my Pinay friend as a companion,, and they had a great flights going there and back home.
We are not quite concern about the kids traveling overseas because they are used on going for a long travel ,,Braiden loves  riding on an airplane and he kept on mentioning about Jetstar  he remembers the Airline that we usually travel with..  And  we know that my kids are going to be good; We just have to keep them occupied and bring lots of toys and activity games so that they wont be bored during the flights.
So as this point; we are now getting more information by comparing and looking around for  cheap flights since our whole family is traveling,, we need to find ways to save heaps...

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  1. we are all looking forward for your vacation here, they are all excited to see the kids and for sure we'll have a big celebration here and kainan blues.. oopps plus shopping!