Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Snow Trip

It was such a fun week!!!!
It was a 4 1/2 hour travel from our place.. we reached Jindabyne NSW after lunchtime..
We were so excited that after we unpacked our bags , we went straight to Perisher Blue Resort which is 30 minutes away from the place that we are staying in..
the kids were so excited to see the snow.. It ws our first time to be there... 
So kids enjoyed making snow balls and throwing at each other.. It ws really cold because we were not wearing our snow suits because we still have to pick it up from the ski hire place..

The second day ,, we placed the kids in a Ski School, it was good because Joe and I had private ski lessons too... It was a bit unnerving because I am so uncoordinated and I always fall down .

Micah was good that she can ski all the way from the top of the mountain.

Braiden can ski and stop..

he is coordinated little boy and we were so happy to see him balance himself.
Bianca doesnt like skiing... She cried most of the time... Too cold for her..

Joe can ski  after 2 lessons... 
It took me awhile to master the art of balancing... I can go downwards and stop but still perfecting my turning skills... I was so scared to go up on the hills and ski downwards,, but after few falls and gained little bit of confidence,, I've done it..

On the 4th day it was snowing.. we pulled over on the side of the road and started doing snow man ; enjoying the snow falling on our faces..

It was one of the Best Holiday for us..
We are thinking of going back there again for a weekend and practice more skiing!!!!


  1. wow! this was a really good preview of snowy for us...looks like you really had fun there.

    well, i hope we'll have the same fun when we go there on school holidays.

    thanks! ;D


  2. Hi Joy! Wow, what a fun trip you all had! Thanks for sharing the pics!

    A Life in Bloom
    Because Life is a Blessing

  3. How awesome that Braiden can ski. We have thought about teaching Katie, but we're not sure if she would like it. It's always exciting when you find something else they like to do!

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww ingggiiiitttt ako !!! parang ang sarap at ang lamig dyan brrrrrr.... And OMG Braidne is so good to think it is his first time to ski... but where is baba? did not see her on the pic.. naku kung andyan siguro ako 1,000 pics kukunan ko .. ang cute ng snowman nyo ang liit hehehe