Friday, June 13, 2008

My Little Artists

My kids are busy painting ... Ah,, my 2 little artists..... They're  doing something special for their dad,, because its his Birthday!!! so last wednesday afternoon ,, while my hubby's at work,, I gathered all the painting equipments and told the kids that they have to make a special painting for daddy to put in his office,, because its dad's birthday.. the kids were so excited and you can see their enthusiasm by combining all the colorful paints... Bianca lovingly put her hand prints on the canvass while Braiden proudly wrote his name on his ..
What lovely kids ,,Daddy will surely be elated and proud of his little Picasso......


  1. Very nice, it's good that they have the painting equipment...Antonio's camp is for 10 weeks,,,donations are gladly accepted LOL


  2. wow what a nice gift for their dads, look at the smile at Braiden's face he is so proud of his drawings.. good job mga pamangkin.

    eh ikaw ano gift mo kay hubby?

  3. the best gift for dad...their kids master pieces.


  4. Wow Joy...congrats sa mga babies time flies hah...dalaga na ung 1...really children are from heaven...! :)
    **big hugs**