Sunday, June 8, 2008

Michael Buble Concert

My Hubby and I watched Michael Buble concert last thursday June 5 at Sydney Entertainment centre..It was the most awaited concert that I kept on bragging about.. and we had the opportunity to enjoy such a great performance ..... 
The concert was such a blast and we enjoyed every bit of it...  our minds were at peace because when we left the kids ,, they were so good.. especially Braiden .. it was such a big relief for my hubby and I when we received that reaction from him... he just said Bye mum and dad and gave us a kiss ,,  
hubby and I were thinking of going out for a date more often since the kids are settling well... yipppeee..

Please visit my site  Aussietalks to read more about the concert and watch the video...

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  1. I'm jealous!! I wasn't able to see him when he was in our area. He's awesome! Glad you were able to go.