Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking for a Ceiling Fan

It's winter at the moment here in Australia and its cold,,, but during summer time it is really hot,,,  and when its will really need to have something to cool you down..
 I remember my friend Erma; whose husband is complaining about the scorching heat last summer , they cannot take it anymore, that is why they decided to have a ceiling fan installed in their room..
She was quite happy with it because it's looks nice and her hubby is no longer complaining,, I told her that I wanted to see what kind of fan it was.. She told me that it was a casablanca fan and it looks like this... 
It was nice looking and gave me the idea of having one installed in our living area,, So I started to look for a nice design and style of a ceiling fan that will complement my room. there are plenty of styles to choose from; but I like the look of a craftmade ceiling fan with lights.. because I've got a native displays and sofa in my living room and I wanted to match the look... 


  1. Hi there..i got a tag for you:) the ceiling fan looks like our ceiling fan in our living room:)

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