Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keeping Your child safe

I've been watching foxtel this afternoon and there was feature about Madeline McCann and as a parent; it breaks my heart to know that she's been missing for almost a year now.. It is so scary to hear stories about missing children. I just don't know how will I cope about it; if it happens to me..
That is why every time we go out for a holiday,, It never entered our minds to leave our younger children with our 13 year old daughter, even just for a short period of time,, its just too dangerous..

It is now common to see kids with tie on their hands or a harness on their back while in the shops or in public places,, It better to be safe than be sorry... One best idea is to have a child id where important information are written.. My friends and I were having chat about it and some would write mobile number of parents on the inside part of the shirt,, it would also be best to use a child locator,,a device to find where you're child is.
Also it is best to educate your child about safety and staying close to the parents and not to just go with a stranger.. Most important is keep an eye on your children.. keep them safe....

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