Sunday, June 15, 2008

How I wish...

Our family loves to travel.. every year we make it a point to go on a holiday,, its good for the family and very educational for Braiden because it helps him more by being exposed to personal experiences.. he learns to talk more and express his feelings.
Next year, we are bound to Philippines,, it's been a long while since I've been back home, this time aside from going around  Australia,, we are going to the Philippines and then to Hongkong.. It will be a good trial for the kids to travel overseas,, so we will find out how will they cope with the flight..
My husband has an Italian heritage ,, and we kept on dreaming of going for a European trip.. We would like to see Rome... we always see it on travel shows and it would be lovely to see it personally.. Aside from Italy, we would like to see The Big Ben where else but in  London. Well, since it is a European trip we have to go and see Dublin,  we want o see the St Patrick Cathedral and visit some well known pubs. The list wont be complete without going to Barcelona and be able to use my meager Spanish words..
How nice it would to be able to see those places,, so we are searching around for good deals and best hotels to stay in,, making some notes for future references.. so hubby can work harder to fulfill the dream.....

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  1. I agree with you Joy, travelling is the best education you can give to a child. So even though we're tired ok lang lakwatsa pa rin LOL...and I'm learning too. It's feels good to get out of the house...

    Regards to your family,

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