Saturday, June 14, 2008

Have to change our work mailbox.

The other morning when my husband went to his work he noticed that the other mailboxes were knocked over by a car during the night.. We are thinking that someone maliciously did that in purpose or young teenagers mucking around..There are approximately 40 mailboxes in one commercial unit,, he had to inquire on the net to find another mail box.. He needs to change it quickly because that is where he gets his mail for our business.. What a head ache for him.. but good things he only have to change our business mailbox and not the others

He search on the net and came across a company that supplied mailboxes . There are heaps of style to choose from and when he made his choice he inquired about it.. 
He told me the other night that he is quite happy and satisfied with the price, service and the look of his new purchase. If he is happy I am happy.

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