Friday, June 20, 2008

Gordon Ramsay

WOhoo... I've seen him personally  and he is so Charming,, we went to the Good Food and wine show in Sydney this morning just to watch his cooking demo.
Early morning I have to do things quickly,, dropped the kids to preschool early.. drove to hubby's work and from there we drove to the city .. It was such a rush because the show starts at 10 :30 so we have to beat the traffic and find a parking space.. We just came in time .. I thought we would miss the show ,, but we were lucky.
He got a stage presence ,, the girls are all screaming and giggling ,, there were big screen set up but I just kept on looking at him because he's got more charisma in person than on the big screen.
After the show I was feeing squishy ,, the exhibit was so packed and I didn't eat my breakfast, I was starving having a head ache... My mistake was I tested a free drink of Kahlua,,, and after that the whole time I was feeling really sick,, we had to go afterwards to eat brunch..  I was so sick that we have to go home quickly.. bad headcahe and upset stomach .. I should learn now that its bad to skip breakfast , rush and have alcoholic beverage...  Good thing my bro in law drove my car back home because hubby had to stay back to work. 
But I am still happy to see Gordon Ramsay
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  1. Okay, first you got to see Michael Buble' and now Gordon Ramsay... I think I need to move to Australia... sounds like you guys are having a great winter :)