Friday, June 20, 2008

Good Food Show and Wine Exhibit

This morning we went to a trade show exhibit... Its the Good Food show and wine exhibit at Sydney , this was my first visit on the said exhibit.. I was quite amazed because it was jam packed.. we can't even walk briskly .. There are around 300 exhibitors on the area showcasing best and quality products and trade...
It's amazing on how they catch peoples' attention throught their display,, they have to; because there are lots of stalls  and they need to stand out to be noticed,, One stall that caught my eye was the Fresh food section,, they have a very enticing table top display, it was well laid out showcasing their products. So we bought some fresh olives stuffed with chili and tomato.
So moving along the wine section , where the wines are finely presented on a very lively table covers that make the wine stand out from the rest.. It was a good tactic to attract would be buyers.. Of course we had a taste of the wine and it was really nice.
Above all it was busy morning for us.. having sampled some products and came home satisfied because we watched Gordon Ramsay cooked...

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