Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Golf Day

As I mentioned before it was raining the whole week ,, but last Saturday the weather cleared up and we took the kids the Golf range .. My hubby is teaching the kids to play golf and how to hold the club and the proper swing... Braiden and Bianca enjoyed it and Micah as well as she tried to undo her dad,, but Joe is quite good,, we cannot beat him...

My hubby said I'm natural and have a good swing for someone who never played golf .. Yippee,, now he can have a golfing buddy...

The kids always enjoy going out thats why Joe and I never get tired of taking the kids out,,, we enjoy taking them out ,,, every week we have to plan where to take the kids out..

The family that play golf together stays together..


  1. Uy this is fun ah...Looks like Braiden already loves golf. May golf buddy na si Joe in the future. ang cute pati si bianca ng go-golf..hay I miss this fun

  2. hello! hope all is well with you. got a tag for you as well: