Saturday, June 7, 2008

Braiden's new Obsession!!!!

Yes this is Braiden's new obsession,,,, Playing Playstation 2,,, He is just hooked into it at the moment, he changes every now and then but we seems to really like playing with the games, especially during lazy Saturday afternoon ,, while we do our own stuff ,, he would be upstairs playing,, you would hear him call out for help,, when he is really having trouble with some games,, very good for his voacbulary too.. he is using more words and talking heaps,, I can hear him get excited and say more words,, his concentration is getting more longer,,

We've got this Playstation 2 about 4 years ago, we bought this for Micah for Christmas... so I am contemplating of upgarding it to Playstation 3 . This is the new technology,,,, I've been researching for it on and looking at how good it is in compared with other new game console.. Since I can also play my existing Playstation games and that is good... One feature that I like about Playstation 3 is that it has a wireless controler,, and that is very ideal for Braiden because he can move freely and further away from the tv.

Aside from playing the games Braiden loves to watch movies too,, this Playstation 3 can play DVD's too,, so there is no need for me to unhook the cable to change to a DVD player,,, and the new technology is the blu ray player which is a very good because it is a high definition and has more data storage...

Humm ,, I'm loving the new features of this Playstation 3 ,, so I should keep on reminding Braiden that he should be good because Santa might bring him a nice present for Christmas,,,We are half way through the year...... Not long now...


  1. Cool! Antonio hasn't played his PS for a while now...not even his WII..he's hooked sa Disney Toontown...


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  2. Wow i am happy to know that Braiden already loves to play at PS and not only watching Tv all the time. This is good for him to stimulate his mind and thinking more. I am sure you'll spoil Braiden with the new PSP3 come this Christmas..

    But what about me what's my gift hehe. Anyway, so happy that Braiden is really doing well. regards to everyone!

  3. high tech na talaga toys ng mga kids! dati, atari lang tayo, right? ha ha

    btw, would you like to x-links? i've added your blog na. :)