Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Be energy efficient

We should know how important it is to have a very good light fixtures at home... A good lighting can set up a the mood of the house.. At the moment I'm so disappointed with my lighting fixtures in my kitchen,,, We bought it 4 years ago and it didnt do a good job, the bulb kept on bursting and it is so dodgy.... So I really need to upgrade my kitchen lighting fixtures especially as the kitchen is the heart of the home,,, this is where we prepare our food ,, we need to have a good lighting to be able to whip out a good meal.... so as they say..

So I am reseaching for a good lighting fixtures ...I need to consider the reliabilty, efficiency and cost saving... We'll I have to do my bit for he environment ,, Here are some tips to consider:
Artificial lighting - energy saving tips:

Use the lowest wattage globe – choose energy efficient light bulbs such as the compact florescent and this is what I did with my home lighting
Use task lighting or special purpose lighting to supplement general lighting
Turn off lights when you leave a room – consider using timers or sensors rather than leaving lights on for prolonged periods
In places where lights need to stay on for long periods use compact florescent bulbs
Avoid using a single switch to activate several lights
Look at alternatives before choosing downlights – many lights are required to illuminate a room and holes in the ceiling and insulation contribute to heat loss
Keep lights and fittings clean – dusty globes and fittings reduce light output
Avoid multi-globe light fittings – you typically need six 25-watt globes to produce the equivalent light output of a single 100-watt globe

I've also got a chandelier like this one which looks really nice ,, just on top of the stairway,, and I also use energy efficient bulbs ,, its bright and creates a good ambience at night time..

So do your bit and find more ways to be efficient at home start with a proper lighting fixtures and you can save heaps ...

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