Saturday, May 31, 2008

Test Run

Today,, my hubby's auntie came over to look after my kids for a while,, It s a test run,, to see if Braiden will be alright to be left with someone....  We never usually leave him ,, we always tag him anywhere.. He usually gets agitated if he sees me leave .. He is good in preschool.. so he is used to it already,, but its different because he will be left at home...  But after a short explanation and a brief goodbye.. my hubby and I briskly went in the car ,, he was looking at the window and doesn't know if he is gonna cry or just wave bye... We had a heavy hearts   but we have to do it because on June 5 we have to go and watch Michael Buble concert... OMG its Michael Buble!!!!! its a long waited concert so we dont wanna miss it!!!! that's why we have to make sure Braiden will not throw  tantrums..  we went out for a coffee and walk around ,, came back after 1  1/2 hours... but auntie said he was really good .. whewwwww.. that made us very happy...
Thats what we usually do with him. set him up.. and keep on reminding him about the events that we are going to do,, so that he will know what to expect...


  1. wow mabuti naman kung ganon, at least nga para masanay sya with Auntie Sina if you have important na lakad pwede na syang maiwan.. good improvement ito..

  2. oh my, good thing your son is good, eh yung anak po namin we had to see how he would react nung iiwan namin sya sa isang family friend, trusted namin sila talaga kaso when were about to leave him, oh nooo grabeh iyak sya ng iyak, so there and then we knew hindi namin sya pwede ipa babysit kahit kanino. pero mas maganda naman yun nakakatakot na nowadays. hehee =D