Thursday, May 1, 2008

My To Do List

I was tagged by my sis JenL..
I hope I can do the list this week

1. I started fixing the backyard the other day,, taking out some weeds and pruning some plants,, haven't finish yet , so I hope I can accomplish it this week..

2. Finish organizing our wardrobes.. place the summer clothes in a space bag and bring the outgrown clothes to charity. It's getting cold here now so I have to make space for our bulky winter clothes...  then go for some more winter shopping!!!!! 

3.Start writing an invitation letter and mail to to my college friend,, she wants to travel here in Australia..

4. Clean my car and sew a cover for the backseat,, I've got a leather seats and I have to put a cover at the back because the kids are making so much mess.. they take home too much sand in their shoes and clothes from the sand pit in preschool and it all end up on the car seat...

5. Start organizing the garage .. when sis jen was here we started fixing my garage.. folks.. its not a garage anymore ,, it is a junk place where I put all my stuff.... so have to purge unnecessary things ... PURGE PURGE PURGE..... just thinking of it ..... this one is hard so I ''ll just start what ever I can....


  1. OO d natin natapos ang garage nyo kasi naman , grabe sa daming stuff. Chuck all the empty carton boxes, give away all the old winter stuff, naku baka nakalipat na kayo d mo pa napapasok ang kotse mo don hehe.

    OO nga no, kahit 1 time d natin nalinis ang kotse mo when I was there. Naku makalinis ka kaya eh ang ginaw

  2. You are brave to put your "to do " list on your blog. My list would take about 50 blog pages (LOL)...I wish you well on your projects.

  3. For some reasons the comment I typed didn't go through. Hope this one goes through. I just wanted to say that your post reminded me that I need to do my list as well. Have a nice week.
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  4. ooops! daming trabahong dapat gawin...parang ako. masimulan ko na nga rin :D



  5. Hi I just realized you already did this tag, LOL. I just tagged you too. Have a nice day1