Thursday, May 8, 2008

My To Do List Update

An update on my to do list…

I’ve done with some of the list so far and I’m really tired,, because some of them took me how many hours to do.. 
I started one day cleaning up the oven and doing fixing my laundry room.. The oven,,, wow ,, it sparkles now.. I really used my elbow grease to clean it and the laundry I have to wash everything and keep it tidy..

I finished fixing the backyard,, pruned the plants and got rid of the weeds.. its like a jungle my friends… I felt good after clearing it out…

Started organizing the kids wardrobe first,, so summer clothes are kept away and winter are hanged and folded. Done some shopping too!!!

Finished ironing 2 basket load of clothes ,, whew………

Cleaned my car inside and out….,, put a cover for the backseat .. its spotless now.. although thit rained for a little bit the next day….. GRRRRRR……… I just cleaned the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even waxed it……….

And the usual everyday things to do ,,, and mostly keep my hubby happy ,, cooked dinner everyday of the week… made sure dinner is ready when hubby comes home…

That is why my hubby was so impressed and asked me if I’m ok…
But the following day I was sick!!!!!!!!!!! And I still got a sore throat and a cough!!!! 

So my hubby was so appreciative of my efforts that he came home early yesterday and gave me flowers … very nice love…. And told my kids that Mommy has been good.. and he took Braiden for a bike ride and left me home so I can have a little rest while Bianca is sleeping… What a good hubby you are my dear Joe

It's good to have a list because it made me focus on the things that I need to do..
But also my work is never ending.. because there are more things to do... especially my kids who love to make a mess...
well see you later got to do some more chores........ :)


  1. Ayan, nasobrahang linis nagkasakit .. well super sweet naman ni Bro in law ko to give you flowers pa.

  2. naku! magpagaling agad at Mother's Day na this Sunday...It's your DAY!

    Get well soon...God bless!