Monday, May 19, 2008

Love at First chat!!!

Love at First Chat... yes that is where we my hubby and I started..
It was one boring afternoon,  while I was doing some research at my sisters internet cafe place it; my nephew told me to go  on a chat room  and try to meet new friends.. he taught me how to do it,, and by that time I logged in and just reading the conversation..

One guy started saying hello to me and we just started a conversation,,, We knew that there was an instant sparkle  and a deep connection between us..  It was a pleasant meeting ..  We did not exchange emails at that time,, knowing it was just a good fun meeting someone,, but the next day we met again on a different chat room,, and that's when we knew that our paths are kept on linking to each other. It was our fate to be together...

And 8 years on,, here we are happily married and still loving each other.. that is why whenever I hear stories about online dating I cant help but smile whenever there is a success story..
My hubby and I also encourage my sister Jen to try joining an online dating,, and if she is a bit wary ,, there is no problem because there is an online dating reviews which is designed to help people find their match and sort out options..  You'll never know  the Mr Right  is just lurking around the corner waiting to be match with my sis..
Good luck to her....


  1. Di talaga ako sineswerte sa internet daiting, hehehehe. Dami ko kayang na meet but wala naman rin pala patungohan, lol. Until I gave up and met my husband through a friend....hehehe.

    Btw, how are you and the family?

    How was the weekend?

  2. Yep, your's a nice love story sis, not so sure if i will have the same fate..

  3. My husband and I also met through chat. I was not into chatting before I met him but I was so glad I did because I would not have met him if I didn't.

  4. kakakilig love story nyo...u're such a cool wife & mom! keep it up...i'm always visiting your site...