Friday, May 9, 2008

I've got a new look!!!!

Yes my Blogs' got a new look... Do you like it...??

My sister
JenL made this header for me .. Thanks sis....
It looks clean and easy to read... and that is what I want so that the readers wont have a hard time navigating their way here...
Since my blog is turning 3 months.. Yippee I know it will open more doors of opportunities for me.. So keep on visiting my site and see what's the latest..
Thanks you friends and blog hoppers ,, I owe it to all of you because if no one reads my blog then there will be no more inspiration for me to write...
Please check my other Blog
Aussietalks it has new fresh look too....

This was my old look.....


  1. Joy - I love the new header :) It's very cute! Keep on bloggin'.


  2. love the header, love ko yung ribbon flowers na yan hehe, I wanted to make a header for my SIL ren kaso gusto nya simple lang muna layout nya, kinakapa pa kasi nya yung blogging world eh. how are you doing by the way? I hope you and your family are doing well, too.

  3. syempre maganda kasi ako gumawa , pero aadjust ko pa yang header mo one time