Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Birth of My Boy Braiden....

The Birth of my Precious boy Braiden Joseph 

It was a a scheduled birth meaning they already scheduled my Ceasarean section operation ,, It was on March 19, 2005..

It was a very tense moment for my husband and I because we dont know what to expect,, my 1st operation here in Australia,, although I've been seeing my midwife every now and then for checkups and antenatal care ,, we were still apprehensive about it..

Arrived the hospital and was admitted immediately. After doing all the usual preparation talks and signing of papers I was wheeled in the Operating Room.. IV fluids inserted.. then the most dreaded Epidural.
After that I was looking around for my husband because he was allowed inside with me in the OR,, with a worried face he came in,, quite hesitant to be there,, He is afraid of blood  ,, he get nervous when he  see such a big operattion,, but he was brave enough to be there with me..
And came along the most precious boy... When we first saw him ,, we just said that he is such a beautiful boy.
We knew right form the start that he will be such a precious bundle of joy
His birthweight       3240 Grams
Length                            50 Cm
Head                               34 Cm

Sharing with my birth pic .. I have to take take a pic of my scrapbook page ..

This is my first entry to the Pinoy Parenting Blog carnival hosted by blogger Joey MD
Thank you.


  1. WOW!!! Congratulations Joy! This is an awesome experience. I would not trade it for the world.

    I did not have an epidural when I delivered my son but it sure changed my life.

    Take care.

  2. hi joy! congrats he's such a lovely boy ;) happy moms' day!

  3. tunay na ang sarap balik balikan ng araw na ito...hindi ba?

    thanks for sharing :)


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  5. what a lovely birth story! it is to be cherished forever! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your birth story of Braiden and those lovely scrapbooks you made, very adorable!
    Belated Happy Mother's Day!
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    A Moment to Exhale
    A Time of Respite
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  7. ah...the joys of motherhood ;)

  8. Nice scrapbook! And nice photos in that scrapbook.
    Your maternal joy is so apparent in them. ;)

  9. I wish I had your creativity in scrapbooking. Your baby boy is truly beautiful :). Thanks for sharing your story and your layouts.

    The 1st edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival is up! Click here to view the roundup. Thank you so much for participating! I'm inviting you to join us again in the 2nd edition. Here's the call for articles.