Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Swimming without vest

Swimming with vest on

Yes my boy can swim now... and it happened just before the end of summer...
We've been out most of the summer swimming on the pool and the beaches....

We had a great time and Braiden love to go swimming ,, that Joe and I decided to try him swim without his vest... and then there he went.... swimming like a puppy dog... we were so excited to see his accomplishment,, and to think that a year ago I was pushing him to go to his swimming lessons.. 
 he used to hate to go swimming lessons..everytime he sees his swimming gear he would run and hide in his room,, and I have to literally drag him to the car and he would scream his head off,, coz he really doesnt want to to for his lesson.. 

I gave up ,, knowing that he will learn when he is ready.. and sure enough,, there he is.. Loving the water!!!! 

Yippee.. he can swim now...


  1. wow! ang galing naman ng anak mo sis. that's really great.

  2. kids should really learn how to swim with all those accidents (kids drowning) that happened very recently, sis. :( katakot.

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  3. How exciting about learning how to swim! Yea!That is a huge accomplishment for all kids -- and especially our precious children with autism. Sounds like things are going well. We just had an autism walk in our area--do you do fundraising walks for autism in Australia? I posted pics of it on my blog :)