Wednesday, April 9, 2008


A year ago after our 1st visit to Hamilton Island and after exploring the place where Nemo lives,,, my hubby decided to set up a Saltwater Tank..

We started setting up live rocks, anemones, corals and then eventually adding saltwater fish and other sea creatures..

Although it needs constant cleaning up and making sure the water temperature and PH balance are all maintained.. Just looking around it,, make us feel relax , seeing them swimming around and hearing the sound of the water..
Today I'll feature our BLUE STARFISH...

Sea stars are commonly referred as Starfish , but they actually are not fish at all but echinoderms. The most intriguing feature of the Starfish is the ability to regenerate their lost arms , Under ideal conditions, the lost arm will turn into a complete starfish.

Each arm has two rows of feet called podia that are used for attachment, locomotion and respiration, the mouth and stomach are located on the underside in the central disc..
Our Blue Starfsh is very mobile and moves around everywhere,, she is such a STAR because she is always sticking on the front,, and showing off,,,,,

Brief characteristic was exerted from saltwater

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