Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Braiden while playing computer

This is Braiden's new favourite game ...  He loves to watch the Cartoon Network at Foxtel TV and they have advertised their website ,, so my hubby tried it and sure enough Braiden was hooked on to it.. He loves to Play Tom and Jerry games ,, but they have heaps of games to play with and  I enjoy playing some of the games there...

It's good because Braiden knows how to use computer now.. although I wanted him to use my Sony Vaio laptop,, but he wanted to use the Mac because it's got a big screen... 
Well,, I don't mind ,, just as long as he enjoys himself..

In the video you would hear Braiden say some words ,,, he is getting vocal now,,  his comprehension is improving.


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  1. Braiden is so cute, so focused in his game, lol. I will check this site out later. Tks.