Saturday, March 1, 2008

Security Objects

Little children love their cuddly bears, their blankets and they carry them around  and some other variety of objects.. Sometimes they look cute .. These items give them a feeling of security . Just like my 2 younger kids ,, they still have their own security items.. 

My Boy has a Puppy dog which he loves to carry around,,his dog's name is Scrappy... and he's been  with him everywhere..He always have that with him when he goes to bed and  when we go for a holiday the dog has to go too...what a lucky dog!!!

It helped him alot when he started Preschool,,  it was his "transition objects" it means when he goes to preschool , I am not with him, and that dog reminds him of me.. So we would feel secure and safe knowing there is something that he likes.

So every weekend we have to give his dog a wash,,, He does look a bit worn out now but he is still a cute puppy.

While my girl,, she's got a blue teddy bear, that when you shake it; it makes a sound. Just like her brother , she takes it with her anywhere,, you know where she is , when u hear the sound the bear makes..

Well, children are not the only ones who enjoy the comfort of having such objects.. Even adults enjoy them too.. some would have cigarette, chewing gum, or a special bracelet or objects.
I; myself find nothing wrong with these comforters, just as long as that habit will not last too long.. Well , imagine your kids ,, carrying teddy bears or blankie through Highschool..
Maybe just like MR . BEAN.....

How about our kids? What are their favourite security items?

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