Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Braiden

My boy who always have a cheeky smile and a laughing eyes just turned 5 yesterday..

He was recently diagnosed with mild Autism... It was such a sad day for Joe and I when we heard the diagnosis.. we had an idea of what's he's got even before but to hear the reality is so surreal...

When he was a baby , there were no signs of  being different from other children,, in fact; he walked early, happy and chubby boy.. when he turned 2 he just have a limited words to say,, he loves to watch TV and can stay there the whole afternoon... 3 years old when he would have a big tantrums.. that makes me wonder if he is naughty or what.... he became aloof and disappear when a visitors come.  He plays alone with himself or with Joe and I.. 

He's got a limited speech during that age in compared with other children,, that made us sought for an answer.. a session with the Speech Therapist,, then one thing led to another we've been to the Peadiatrician, Hearing specialist and Occupational Therapist...We are doing all the therapy for him... 

They say that there is no cure for Autism but an early intervention, specialised education and structured support can help him develop his skills and achieve a degree of independence.

So we are doing all the best, that is why our family loves to go away for a holiday or just spend the whole week going out because this is one of the best way to stimulate him,, and he loves to go out and have fun...

As for his speech ; he is doing well.. although it is slow ,, he is trying to make a conversation with us,, his comprehension has greatly improved .. and he is saying 5 word sentence now..

Oh ,,how we wish that there is a magic pill,,,, for him... but no with or without label that attached to him.... He is still the same boy that we fell in love the first day he was born... 
A beautiful  beautiful boy,, our precious little boy named BRAIDEN JOSEPH...

My husband also made a blog for him,, Check it out and find out his emotions and love for Braiden at Beautiful , beautiful boy


  1. Happy Belated birthday to your Braiden!

    Great cake, hehehe.

    It sure tasty!

  2. belated happy birthday! i know it is really sad to now such things about our children but don't worry. God is on your side. just keep on praying.

    Pinay Mommy

  3. Belated happy bday to your son Braiden.

    I felt sad about his condition but don't worry God will always protect him.

  4. belated happy birthdayu to your son! any incapabilities of our children, with our love and support, they will be able to get through it!

  5. Naku! Our daughter's got the same problem. I mean she also has speech problem, she can talk well but understands slow. A slow learner saka not very good with communicating. Medyo may slight autism siya. Anyway, I can related to what you are going through with you son, it is frustrating talaga. Sana nga may magic pill to snap them out of it. Mahirap pag nasa school na most of all. Ok ah, stay strong and hope for the best.

  6. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog. I so can feel for you. I'm on a similar journey, although my son is about three years behind yours. Best wishes to you and the family....

  7. I'm sorry to hear that. Our kids are angel no matter what. I know there's a g0d who watches our little ones.

  8. i admire people like you who parent special kids. you have a different level of love. i believe that your hard works are not in vain. God is with you always!

    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh