Friday, March 28, 2008

Goodbye Stinky Old Dummy!!!!!

Goodbye Dummy!!!!!!

Dummy in Australia and pacifier in US,,,  Yes my daughter has given up ...

When she was still a baby , she only use the dummy whenever she goes to bed,, but eventually she started using it on day time,, and I have to give it to her whenever we go on a holiday, plane trip,, long car drive,, just to keep me sane and to keep her still and quiet... and I know it helped her settle and it was a great source of comfort and security for her..
But she's already a big girl and it doesnt look good seeing her with that thing in her mouth, 
You can see her picture.. Oh my baby,,,

So on the night before Easter ,, an Easter Bunny came and took her dummy.... and left her a big chocolate.. 

Yes,, the night before ,, we are already conditioning her mind to give it to the Bunny,, she was willing to give it up,, because we told her she is going to get a big Surprise... 

Well, its been 6 days now and she is doing great,, so we are always praising her and we are telling her teachers in day care , friends and other family members...

Thank You Easter Bunny!!!!!
Good girl Bianca!!!!


  1. that is a really cute story...telling your kids about the bunny is really cute...

  2. Hehehehe, same here in UK too, its called dummy!

    Anyway, my daughter had it for first yrs in her life and then I took it away just like that.

    I bet you guys are very pleased that she is off the dummy now.

  3. that's a big achievement! congrats to your pretty daughter and to you, too! :)