Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Bianca was quite fascinated with her easter chocolates...


This is the first year that Bianca enjoyed Easter,, she's aware of it now.. She was quite excited last night because I told her that the easter bunny will come and leave her a surprise... With a delightful eyes ,, she exclaimed.. Yes Mom,, bunny will  come!!! then off to bed she went.... 
Braiden is also aware of it.. he knows that he is getting chocolate too.. that's why when I tucked him to bed , I told him bunny will come he gave me a nice smile... saying good night mom..

Morning,, when Braiden and Bianca  saw the Easter bunny chocolate they  were so happy and started munching on it... well,, we can't stop them,,, its Easter anyway...  Then we had a nice lunch in my hubby's grandparents house with some of their relatives.... and my kids collected more chocolate bunnies ..

So here I am,, helping my kids eat their chocolates ... hummmm yummy... Thanks Bunny!!!


  1. She is pretty.

    I ate my son's goodies since he is only 17 months old.

  2. Hi Joy - this is Jill from "Our Life with Autism.." glad to be able to check out your blog ...Easter is a great time, isn't it? and the Easter treats are yummy :)

  3. This is Chantelle from "Life, Unscripted".

    Thanks for visiting by blog.

    It looks like your kiddos really enjoyed Easter. :)

    Have a great day!