Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our Family Trip

Last December 07 we went on a 2 week holiday. We spent 1 week at Nelson Bay and 1 week at Queensland.. It was such a fun holiday.. This time my eldest daughter did not come with us because she was spending her holiday in the Philippines with my mom and my sister Jen 

It was a long drive going to Queensland,, it took us 12 hours !!!!! My kids were so behaved that my husband and I were quite surprised,, there was no whinging  and complaining!!! no phrases such as Are we there yet??.

I was quite prepared with the trip; I took with us all the necessary enjoyment and amusement my kids will like.. I brought a big case full of DVD movies, since my hubby's car is equipped with a DVD player , they have Leapdster Pad for my girl and Leapster Learning System for my boy (They are so fabulous!!) it kept them occupied the whole trip.. Aside from these handheld game system , they had fun with their soft toys, Fisher price digicam, Pixie chix, coloring books and play dooh...

How about you ?? Tell me what keeps your children occupied during long trips?? Aside from FOOD,,,  

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