Monday, February 18, 2008

Mommy dear

Mom, Nana, Mama and Mum as they call it here in Australia, is such a full time and rewarding job for me... 
Although there are lots  of ups and downs  ,, I'm still managing....  I have to deal with my teenager's puberty blues... my 5 year old boy's difficulties and my 3 year old girl's tantrums.. 
Hay.. what a life,,, but I guess I'm doing quite well with the help of my hubby..

My usual day starts with my 2 kids in bed with us... although it took me quite a while to train then to sleep in their beds.. (that will be a different topic) ha ha..
Shower, breakfast, watch tv then off to day care. Go for a 30 minute workout at the gym,, do my errands, grocery shopping,  clean house and by the time my eldest gets home from HS,
 I have to drive her to gymnastic or dancing, then come back home to cook and pick the kids from day care, hubby comes home, clean up ,give  the kids a bath, play a little while, read books, sing lullaby songs stay with my boy till he falls asleep, and then tidy up downstairs, pay online bills, blogging, net surfing or stay w/ hubby to watch  TV , then look after hubby of course... Not complaining though......
I know there are some people there who are working much harder than me..
I 've got loving hubby,, 3 gorgeous looking children, a cozy home, living in a beautiful country, food on my table and lots of love from my family.. Can't complain..
Just sharing what I do.....

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